RG Group :
Specialises in the development and distribution of unique entertainment products

Since its inception, RG Group has clearly displayed its mission:
to solve problems of society through research and imagination.

Since 1995 and the setting up of his first company in  a small apartment at Chaux-de-Fonds, the founder of RG Group, Raphaël Grandjean, remains more than ever in search of new solutions. Anticipating trends, his company now covers a broad spectrum of activities in total synergy. From the distribution and production of original entertainment products through to the publishing of multimedia concepts but also green mobility, RG Group has ideal skills to meet the demands of its clients and partners.

Key Figures 

More than 8000 point of sales in Europe

4 after-sales technical centers in Switzerland and Europe

3 logistical centers, in Switzerland, in France and in Spain

More than 30 brands distributed 

8’000m2 of technical, logistical and warehousing facilities


Ethics and flexibility

Our core values of the group: trust, consideration for its interlocutors, but above all a certain ethics, respected throughout the process of creation, sale and distribution of its products; all principles that have enabled RG Group to rapidly become a reference in its markets.


For RG Group, cultural and recreational activity enrichment is the foundation of its mission. That is why all the products developed and distributed by the subsidiaries fully comply with the strictest international standards and the recommendations of the consumer associations.