Raphael Grandjean founder of RG Group

Raphael Grandjean, the entrepreneurial passion

A permanent desire to initiate, create, grow... This is what has driven Raphaël Grandjean for many years and has made him move forward.

While still a student, he desperately wanted to give a purpose to his life. At 18, Raphaël Grandjean thus started creating his first IT business.  

Determined to further develop his activities and gifted with a true spirit of innovation, he took on a new challenge by then creating four other companies whose activities have close synergies. Tied to the economic development of his region Neuchâtel, Raphael Grandjean has reunited these companies under a single entity based in Corcelles: RG Group.


Today, thanks to his loyal employees and the trust of his partners and clients, Raphaël Grandjean is leading a solid, sustainable group, internationally renowned.

His team and partners who have always relied on his innovative spirit truly believe they can keep on looking up to him for inspiration.